Following on from Marc Ellerby’s post, I am also taking part in this anthology about zombies, coming out in June, published by Slave Labor Graphics and edited by our super-amazing DFC man, Jamie Smart (aka foo5). He created The DFC Olympics and Fish-head Steve, which left me with streaming eyes, runny nose and incontinence, they were so funny.

Marc (burnt_jamb) writes:
There’s a full PR here but the jist of it is Fat Chunk Volume Two: Zombies will be a 144-page book that retails for $12.95 (so probably around £10?)

Clearly the idea of pre-ordering comics baffles people, including me, but in a time where the main (single?) distributor will not carry a book if it doesn’t meet the already high order numbers, means that every single order counts, so if this sounds like something you’d be into take the following order number, APR090632, to your local comic book store and ask them to order one.

Here’s a little peek at my three-page entry. I think I borrowed Marc’s haircut for my character and gave him Stuart’s fab sweater vest combo. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a zombie before; she’s not very gory, more of an emo, really. I wonder how the other zombies will look.

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