‘you can’t eat a princess!’ on cbeebies!!!

Hurrah! It’s up on the BBC iPlayer! Thanks to the fab Gina McKee for reading You Can’t Eat a Princess for CBeebies! She did a brilliant job. I’ve read it so many times now in schools that it was fascinating to see where she put the emphasis on words and her expressions. … And the aliens have Northern accents! The story’s writer, Gillian Rogerson is based up in Leeds, I bet she got a kick out of that. I must go ring her now an see what she thought. I suspect that I have the wrong copy of her number here at the studio, I rang 20 minutes ago and got through to a snooker club. Bizarre! (Unless Gillian secretly lives in a snooker club.)

CBeebies link (Apologies to non-UK residents, I don’t think you can watch it abroad. Sorry!)

Now you’re in party mode, you can download the princess party pack over on my website. Go on! 😀 (Here’s photos from a party pack in action.)

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