yesterdays wanderings

Yesterday, I let Sarah go as a test so we could observe and see if she followed her instructions for the day. I did realize that she put on her watch without me even telling her to do so. We are getting somewhere!
I went and got myself enjoyably ‘lost’ in Greenwich. There are so many great shops there, it would be easy for me to break against my ways and stay there forever. But alas, when duty calls, I must immediately answer (Sarah, you should memorize this, as it can be very useful for those learning to manage time.)

As for my new user picture that you see: you are quite correct in saying that I have no wings, because I don’t. (I come from a different, less common type of fairies, known for their efficiency and capability of getting things done, but we are wingless, no doubt.) The picture that you see, there are most certainly big, butterfly wings. Yes, you are not just seeing things. They were given to me from my friend, a butterfly. I thought I would put them on and, of course, take a picture.

I remain yours, wingless but efficient,
Time Management (Super) Fairy

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