wondering about stumptown & mocca

I’m so clueless about American comics festivals, with all the dates and deadlines and stuff, but I’m thinking I’d really like to exhibit next year, at least at one of them. (My Vern and Lettuce comic book will be out then.)

It’s easier to get to New York from London, but the MoCCA tables are SO expensive, and Stumptown’s not that far from my family, so I could combine it with a visit to them. For some reason, Portland seems a bit less intimidating, maybe because if it all goes wrong, I can just throw stuff in a borrowed car and go home to Seattle. I guess I could try to do both, but that would be a lot of heavy stuff to try to shlep around the country, and that could get expensive, too.

Is it hard to get a table at Stumptown? Is there usually a long waiting list? Do people usually share a table? I’m suddenly feeling very foreign.

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