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I did this sketch holding my pencil more loosely and just letting it wander over the paper. I kind of like what happened.
Yesterday was great, I met up with my friend Cristina at Royal Teas, our favourite cafe in Greenwich. Afterwards, we walked under the river and I dropped her off at Island Gardens station. I was just on my way back, when I noticed the borough’s mayorial car pulling in and a general hubbub by the river, so I walked over with my bike. I was just in time to see the first boat cross the finish line, the first of 300 dragon boats and rowing boats coming from Richmond. And what a sight it was! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera, but that was okay because it meant I could just stand there with this silly grin splitting my face while I helped cheer the boats in.

I meant to go back under the river and go home to do some Saturday chores and all that, but the lift was broken on the other side of the tunnel, and I didn’t fancy carrying my bike back up the stairs, so I went all the way around to Tower Bridge and back down the south bank that way, where I got to see lots more of the boats up river. It was great. But I can’t figure out why I’ve lived by the river in London for eight years and not joined a rowing team. I’m going to try to show up to practice tomorrow and see what happens. I looked up some clubs and I think the Globe club have a beginner’s session on Monday evenings.

Oh, and here’s an oldie-but-goodie U2 video I saw this morning, the Harlem church remix.

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