willow tree

Today’s return to landscape sketching. Wow, I feel so out of practice drawing trees! (Click here for some earlier work for my landscape drawing project.) I’ve never drawn a willow tree for more than a few minutes (this took an hour) and I really don’t like this picture. I was trying to capture the feeling of the droopy leaves and the rough bark, but I haven’t figured out the best way to make marks that give a sense of what’s in front of me without either going into too much detail or skipping over the important things.

Note to self: must keep practicing. That’s the thing with drawing, it’s almost all totally down to trying it over and over again and taking time to stop and look, not due to any sort of innate skill. I’ll try to keep posting sketches, even the ones I don’t like, just so you can see that even professional illustrators don’t constantly turn out stuff they’re pleased with. (Or if they do, it means they’re not pushing themselves.) I know some people would advise me only to show you the polished stuff and hide the rest, so let me know if you like me showing you the scrappy bits. (*blush*)

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