upcoming london events round-up!

I came back from travels to a stuffed-full Inbox, and I’m trying to work out exactly where I’m going to be for the next week or two, when I’m not madly scribbling away at my desk. So here are a bunch of events, and I’m listing them for my sake, as much as yours, to keep track of everything.

Comica COMIKET! One of the top comics events of the year! Really looking forward to this one, and it’s a great place to pick up loads of inexpensive, hand-made presents for people: self-publishing comics, little books, badges, stickers, printed beer mats, posters, art prints, plush toys, etc. (Or just keep everything for yourself, it’s very tempting.) Lots of great original stuff you won’t find in your standard shops.

Free Comics Book Day! If you’re a kid, particularly 8-12 year olds, but welcoming kids of all ages, this is your chance to draw alongside the professionals. Excellent comics shop, Gosh! London, will provide basic materials, and you can come and make your own comics with us! My slot is 1-1:30, and I’m sandwiched between Ray Friesen (Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken) (12:30-1) and Louise Roskosch (1:30-2). Here’s the whole timetable:
12.00 Julia Scheele & Tom Humberstone
12.30 Ray Friesen
13.00 Sarah McIntyre
13.30 Louis Roskosch
14.00 Roger Langridge
14.30 Karrie Fransman
15.00 Will Morris
15.30 Christian Ward

This Monday, just off Brick Lane, you can hear talks and get into discussion with amazing DFC and Phoenix comic contributor Simone Lia (who has a new book that I’m desperate to see), Tom Gauld and Ian Williams at Laydeez Do Comics:

Lovely comics friend Darryl Cunningham is launching Science Tales, the follow-up to his hugely acclaimed and insightful Psychiatric Tales:

One of my favourite books as a kid was The Phantom Tollbooth, and Norton Juster is giving a talk at Foyles Charing Cross:

Friend of the Fleece Station Alex Milway is launching his latest yeti book! Besides it promising to be good fun, it’s worth going just to see Alex’s new yeti costume. Truly jaw-dropping. I saw a photo of him wearing it to the park once. Oh, my.

Comics colleague Nick Abadzis is returning from New York City to launch his Hugo Tate book

And get in quick to register for the CWIG Conference! (That’s the Children’s Writers & Illustrators Group of The Society of Authors.) It’s not til September, but we need you to book ASAP.

Apologies, I’m sure I’m missing out loads of things, there’s SO MUCH going on in the next couple weeks. (If you are in London right now, and saying you are bored, then you are just not paying attention. Or are too broke to top up your Oyster card, but it takes me about an hour and a half for me to walk to central London from Zone 2, so if you are in at least Zone 2, that is no excuse if you can walk. Or get your electric wheelchair charged up.)

The only excuse for not coming is because you are too busy making comics. That is a good excuse, I should try it sometime.

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