travel day

I’m back! I’ve ridden in a taxi, Amtrak train, another taxi, car, two airplanes, two Underground trains and a bus since yesterday (was it yesterday? It’s 6am in Seattle right now and I am all confused.) I’m too tired to blog about the comics festivals, but I’ll leave you with a couple things.

I took some snapshots of funny photos in my parents’ old albums while I was visiting, and here’s one from my very first train ride. Our kindergarten class rode from Seattle to Tacoma and back and we got fancy hats. I still remember it fairly well, it was that exciting. (I look hardcore in my denim jacket, the main character from When Titus Took the Train would approve.)

And here’s a video made in Portland at Stumptown comics festival by Linda Wada (who is, incidentally, a leading expert on Edna Purviance, Charlie Chaplin’s leading lady.) Thanks so much for this, Linda!

Stumptown YouTube link

While we’re at it, here’s a rather fabulous song about trains. …Aw, I love this one.

Arlo Guthrie YouTube link

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