there are cats in this book!

Here’s Viviane Schwarz reading from her brilliant cat book!

Isn’t it the most beautiful and simply ingenious book you ever saw? And I love listening to the way she reads! (Wait, Viv, how did you do that underwater voice??) Here’s her blog post about it, everyone, go leave a comment for her!

And very excitingly, Viv’s going to be sharing a studio with me, starting this August! And the other awesome person we are going to share with, Gary Northfield, just had his Derek the Sheep book taken up by Booktrust’s Booked Up reading scheme. Two million kids will get to choose one free book from a stack of twelve… I bet they’ll all go for Derek, heh heh! I feel sorry for the other eleven people whose books were chosen that don’t have any pictures, they can’t compete with a sheep going crackers.

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