The Legend of Kevin

Kevin in a tree


Max is a young boy living in an ordinary tower block. He longs for adventure in his life - then one day - DOOF! - a flying pony called Kevin crashes into his flat, blown in by a magical storm!

The storm causes a huge flood and soon Max's town submerged by water. Luckily for the town, Max has a flying pony to come to the rescue, and luckily for Kevin, he has a new best friend and a constant supply of his favourite thing - biscuits.

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The Kevin Song! Listen to Reeve & McIntyre sing about the Roly-Poly Flying Pony at their book launch.
The Legend of Kevin cover

Where did Reeve & McIntyre get this idea?


Here’s a painting Philip made of a roly-poly flying pony on a piece of driftwood from the beach in Brighton, way back in 1988! Sarah spotted it hanging on his kitchen wall and thought it would be a fun character to draw. Eventually Philip and Sarah came up with a story they posted on their blogs, called The Dartmoor Pegasus, and which later featured in The Telegraph newspaper. (You can read it in their Pug-a-Doodle-Do! activity book!) For their first Kevin book, they brainstormed ideas together, and Sarah remembered a book she'd loved from her school library, about a town that's flooded. Tapping into the world they'd created in earlier books (with sea monkeys and mermaids!), Sarah and Philip came up with this new story idea, and both of them worked together on the pencil versions of the illustrations. Philip wrote the final words and Sarah drew the final pictures, but as Reeve & McIntyre, they are very much co-authors in creating this story.

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