studio craft session, and caption book list

Yesterday the animators upstairs came down to stick bits of paper onto a cad for our cafe owner (who had a family bereavement). We had fun making it, and it’s a bit silly for a sympathy card, but we hoped it might help cheer her up. Jaine’s the best; she’s really the heart of our studio community and we’re able to meet other people from the building because of her cafe.

Viviane has been introducing me to a bunch of educational folk songs, which have had Gary and me in hysterics. Here are some of the science songs.

And after her writeup of Oxford’s Caption festival, I promised I’d post a list of the books I mentioned in my talk about comics and picture book cross-overs. (A lot of these are cross-over books, but some of them I used to illustrate other points I  was making about design and marketing issues.)  I put way too much time into preparing the presentation, so I hope I’ll get to use it again at some point. A bunch of people were asking about David Wiesner, so here’s a link to his books; Besides The Three Pigs, I get a kick out of the surreal giant vegetables in his book June 29, 1999.

Maurice Sendak: In the Night Kitchen
Winsor McCay: Little Nemo in Slumberland
Gary Northfield: Derek the Sheep
Raina Telgemeier : The Baby-Sitters Club series
Ellen Lindner  : Little Rock Nine
Kate Brown: Spider Moon, The DFC
Emma Vieceli  : Manga Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing
Simone Lia: Billy Bean’s Dream
Posy Simmonds: Lavender
Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean: The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish
Raymond Briggs: Gentleman Jim, The Snowman, Fungus the Bogeyman
Satoshi Kitamura: Comic Adventures of Boots; Me and my Cat
Viviane Schwarz: Shark & Lobster; There are Cats in this Book
Bob Graham: How to Heal a Broken Wing
Gregory Rogers: The Boy, the Bear, the Baron, the Bard
Mark Newgarden & Megan Montague Cash: Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug
Mo Willems: Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
Anne Cottringer & Alex T. Smith: Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero
Mini Grey: Traction Man is Here; Biscuit Bear
Fiona McDonald & David Antram: Avoid becoming an Aztec Sacrifice!
Marcia Williams: My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright
David McKee: Mr Benn Gladiator
Allan Ahlberg & Faith Jaques: Mr Tick the Teacher
Sara Midda: Growing Up and Other Vices
David Schiller & Marc Rosenthal: The Runaway Beard
Joyce Dunbar & Russell Ayto: Baby Bird
Ian Whybrow & Russell Ayto: Where’s Tim’s Ted?
Andy Cutbill & Russell Ayto: The Cow that Laid an Egg
Lauren Child: My Uncle is a Hunkle says Clarice Bean
Delphine Durand: Ma Maison/My House
Les Chats Pelés: Long Live Music!
Lane Smith: Pinocchio, the Boy
Oliver Jeffers: The Incredible Book Eating Boy
Beatrice Masini & Anna Laura Cantone: The Wedding Dress Mess
Shaun Tan: The Lost Thing; The Arrival
Jonny Hannah: Hot Jazz Special
David Almond & Dave McKean: The Savage
Philip Pullman & Patrice Aggs: Count Karlstein
Susan Schade & Jon Buller: The Fog Mound: Travels of Thelonious
Anders Brundin & Joanna Rubin Dranger: Dudley the Daydreamer
Stina Langlo Ørdal: Princess Aasta
Sara Fanelli: Dear Diary
Sylvia van Ommen: Sweets
Edward Gorey: The Gashlycrumb Tinies
Nick Sharratt: Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?; You Choose
David Wiesner: The Three Pigs
Barbara Lehman: The Red Book
Coleman Polhemus: The Crocodile Blues

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