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The whole Fleece Station studio showed up yesterday evening to London’s Natural History Museum for Stitch a Squid, to watch our fab studio mate Lauren O’Farrell (aka deadlyknitshade) and Stitch London work magic (or, should I say, science) in the huge central atrium. The museum stayed open all night, with the squids being part of its Deep Sea exhibition.

This is the squid we’ve been watching Lauren make for the last couple weeks! It’s made out of 1000 metres of recycled orange Sainsbury’s bags. I was only able to contribute about six bags to the venture but, hey, every bit counts… (That’s Peter Stanbury, Paul Gravett and Ellen Lindner peeking over the giant squid corpse.)

The museum had commissioned a few other knitted specimens, too.

If people knew anything about knitting, Lauren’s instructions on the tables made stitching little squids fairly straightforward (said people who know how to knit).

Stitch London had quite a few designated volunteer teachers at the different tables.

Always lots of intriguing things going on with Stitch London, do sign up for their newsletter if you’re interested in jumping aboard! It’s a great way to meet people and make cool stuff.

Edit: Stitch-a-Squid link on BoingBoing

Edit: Paul Gravett brought along a new book he’s been sent, Koko Be Good by American artist Jen Wang. It looks gorgeous, I totally have to go get myself a copy and explore her blog. She’s mao on LiveJournal.

And hey, Philip Reeve included me on his blog today!! I’m too chuffed for words. 😀

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