spacious beyond belief – a little comic about a big house

These are my American grandparents. My grandmother died when I was in high school, but my grandpa has recently gone to live in a care home. It’s a huge deal, because he’s been in his house near Seattle since way before I was born, and he built it himself, so leaving it has been hard on him and the rest of the family, to say the least.

The strangest thing has been seeing the house, totally empty, showcased on the Internet. In fact, you can see the house there, too, and take a tour of it, which is also a bit weird. (Oh, and you can buy it, that would be very helpful and the price is good.) It’s where I spent a lot of my growing-up years, but it looks so different when it’s not packed full of the stuff my grandparents collected over the years, like my grandmother’s oil paintings and figurines, and my grandpa’s shop equipment. But even the empty spaces hold a lot of memories.

I could come up with a lot of comics about that house, but here’s a rough one I just made:

Here’s the bare room with the wardrobe. I notice they’ve left the magic flying mirror in place.

Edit: I just heard from George Parkin on Twitter that, in Britain, people in the ’60s referred to the flying trick as ‘doing the Harry Worth‘. Thanks, George!

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