seldovia treasure trove

Okay, this is a horribly unglamourous vignette from my Alaska trip, but you wouldn’t believe the amazing stuff you can find at the garbage dump in Seldovia. (And that’s after the bears have cleared out.) There’s a special little area reserved where everyone leaves stuff that someone else might find handy, and I found some roller blades in just my size! Here’s a comic triptych I painted on a carboard box, about finding the roller blades and then trying them out on the big wooden bridge near my uncle’s house. I experimented with painting it in a sort of Alaskan folk style.

My roller derby sister’s a total speed queen on skates but I’m wobbly (at best), so my dad gave me a little help until I didn’t look like I was going to fall over. I’ll post more pictures when I get back, but I thought I’d upload these two images because everyone else in the house is bustling about packing and I’m being a dork and putting it off.

Besides, it isn’t even dark yet. That said, this photo was taken just before midnight…

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