pole vaulting

Here’s the second in my little pencil pole vaulting series. Pole vaulting is one of those few things that I think, no matter how optimistically I approach it, it’s just not something I could ever do very well. Unlike my friend Elf, who’s a gymnast. The track coach gave her the pole to try it for the first time, thinking it might take her awhile to get the hang of it, and she broke the school record on her first go. Hooray!

But one thing I AM good at is saving all the e-mails in my inbox until my account crashes. Fortunately I have just discovered a fun game. I looked at my e-mail inbox and there were some names next to each other that paired so nicely. (Hmm, this might be a funny way to come up with book names.) My self-imposed rule is that they have to be within two e-mails of each other, so here are a few:

Crock Potts, Pearlman Wu, St Jude’s Glazier, St Jude’s the wurst, Opera Ham, Young Fone, Amazon Lindeborg, Squid McGowan, Candy Jacketflap, Bernadette Tracker, Jem Threadless … whoo hoo!

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