penchant for pants ant

Following a riveting Ebay battle, my gleaming copy of The Pants Ant Trouser Hour! by Woodrow Phoenix & Ian Carney arrived in the post. I did a Google search on Pants Ant and came up with this fab photo on Flickr. Pants Ant is REAL! He is a very small ant driving a very large set of trousers, and saving the town of Gaberdine, Pantsylvania, from pants peril.

So I took the comic to my favourite sofa in Deptford and had a nice cup of tea (because the coffee there is not half as good as the sofa). It is a very nice sofa, you could look at it for hours.

Aw, isn’t it fab? That’s a little Winston Churchill there, next to the fish.

My writer friend Candy Gourlay pointed out this funny article with a guy flipping out about bookstore culture in Singapore. He insists bookshops should charge a £2 entrance fee to get rid of the riff-raff. I sympathise when he goes off about people who read stacks of magazines for free and don’t put them away, but I think he’s confusing a bookshop with a library. I am one of those people who could easily live in a bookshop. I think I spent my whole sophomore year at university studying at a table in Boobs & Noodles.

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