on the work bench

Hooray, the Vern and Lettuce badges arrived! Aren’t they cute?!

Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been printing up for The Thing this saturday. They include signed art prints (get one for a fiver!) and my new 40-page collection: Nice Cup of Tea and a Deadline: Doodly bits & bobs Sarah made while she was supposed to be working. I’m also printing up some deluxe versions of the Airship comic I made with David O’Connell (tozocomic).

Dave printed up a bunch of Airship for the last fair, but they sold out straight away, so we need some more. I’m printing them on my computer so the tone comes out nicely and hand binding it, but it means it’s a very fiddly process and takes AGES, so I only have eight copies so far. Urg. …I will try to print more! I’m very proud of that little comics jam, it was some of the best fun I’ve had. Dave and I will be sharing a table at the Thing, along with Woodrow Phoenix.

This is the first collection I’ve done of my drawings, I hope people like it! (Thanks, dlasky, for the good advice about the title lettering.) The pages stick out a bit at the edges, but it looks a bit rough if I trim them with a scalpel, and I don’t have time to go find a big industrial guillotine. So I will fancy the white bits around the edges look like a flash of knickers and pretend it gives my comic sex appeal.

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