my last attempt at turning you all into super perfect time managed beings

Well, dear friends, my time here has come to an end. As I move on to another victim, my last hope is that you all will have learned as much from me as I have from you. I thought maybe you would like a small list for the key points for you to be able to manage time wisely.

1) Comment Sarah’s blog every time you look at the page. Whether you realize this or not, it will make Sarah remember me and therefore she will manage her time more efficiently and remind you to do so. I’m sorry if you cannot understand this, but when you reach the point of Fairydom, you shall, and you shall also be grateful. So, comment Sarah’s blog!

2) Skip the shower, take a bath instead. Don’t forget to take a book or two with you. I’d suggest something long, a lot of good smelling bubbles, and lots of hot water. This will cleanse you of stress like none other.
And we all know that being stress-free, you will be able to achieve a higher level of time management.

3) Go be adventurous. Explore somewhere you’ve never explored before. Try not to end up in the dodgy parts of town, though. Always take your A-Z and approach only friendly looking people when you are in need of directions. Try not to stay out to late, it can be scary wandering around where you don’t know at 11:30 at night. I wouldn’t suggest it. I would, from personal experience, suggest that you avoid Woolwich at night.

4) Embrace your procrastination skills. Have fun, live a little! Besides, if you don’t admit to the fact that you do procrastinate a little (or a little more, for some of us lucky people), how on earth can you fix it those problems??

5) Love Facebook like none other. Treat it like your child. When everybody else is “working”, keep refreshing the page just in case somebody actually did comment you. You’d be surprised by the results.

6) Stay up as late as possible watching James Bond movies. Point out all the places you have seen to your friends; if you’re alone, invite your old imaginary friends to come watch it with you. I would suggest having a 007 Movie Marathon from 7 PM one day to 7 AM the next day. This is the best, and you can kill a lot of stones in one blow. Repeat this process at least once a week.

7) Ditch the old fashioned planner. You have brains, why don’t you use them to remember things? Who needs all those planner books sitting around anyway??

8) Be fashionably late to everything! Nobody appreciates a late guest enough.

9) Throw a party for all your friends!!! Break out the Bluegrass and do some old style country line dancing!

10) Make a list of 1000 things you want to do, an example being spend 48 hours in ASDA, or something memorable like that.

11) Make a list of all the cafes you’ve ever been to in your life.

12) Try to find the fountain of youth. If you start now, hopefully you’ll find it.

13) Find a friend who really appreciates a good massage. Continue to do so until they are hypnotized by it. After this, demand that they give you whatever it is that you want. Although it might take a long time to reach this point (some longer than others), it should all be worth it in the end. I promise.

14) Create a new recipe. Document it, pretending to be Delia Smith. Put it on youtube and watch yourself become famous.

15) Last and certainly least (only resort to this one if you’ve tried all of the above numbers 1 through 14): HIRE A TIME MANAGEMENT FAIRY! (0-800-TIMEMANAGEMENTFAIRIESCANHELPYOUTOO).

My last words of wisdom, dear children, are: Do not give up on yourselves. Have fun, but don’t forget the watch!!

Wish me luck as I dive bomb to Pennsylvania, wish my next pupils luck that they may learn the ways of a time managed life style, and I wish to you the wholeheartiest of luck that you would apply my knowledge to your fuzzy lives, that Time Management might make it clear to you again!

Much love,
Elena the Time Management Super Fairy

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