morris, the real book!

Hurrah, lookie look! My first hardback edition of Morris arrived in the post!!!
Doesn’t he look smashing? There’s even some sticky-up glossy raised bits over the green snot, so there’s lots of texture on the stuff coming out of his nose, how great is that.

Morris the Mankiest Monster comes out October 1st, very exciting!

And I just found out from Viviane Schwarz about a shadow puppet show this Saturday night outside the National Theatre by Matthew Robins, I am so going to be there. I just saw this show on YouTube, Flyboy and the Haunted Snowman and it’s one of the prettiest things ever.

Click here for Part 2
The other shadow puppets I’ve seen recently were by Kara Walker at an exhibition in the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill-on-sea. Hers were amazing, but much more heavy-going, and I like Robins’ lighter touch here.

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