messing with paper

I’m messing around with this potential cover for a collection of my morning sketches and comics this past year, for the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing on 28 March. It’d be black ink on cardboard. I’m not quite sure about it, what do you think? Any feedback very welcome.

(It’s kind of a take-off on Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down.)

girlycomic just mentioned that Karin Rubins just won the V&A comics residency, which a huge number of very talented comics people applied for. So I will have to go find out more about her.

If I thought I had any chance at winning the Win a Date with Reginald competition, my hopes have been dashed by this brilliant late addition by eadesmust. Too funny! Actually, this one by deathchalupa made me laugh, too. Ooo, and this one by ashwara is so pretty.

Some thoughts on the future of print and digital comics from Dave Roman (yaytime).

And here’s a lovely house complete with pool hand-crafted by my lovely neighbour friend behind my chair while I was working. I helped her a bit with the part that involved using a big box knife. You can’t see the little diving board and ladder we made just after we took the photo.

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