luverly cards & women in comics recording

Just to prove I’m still drawing things, here’s a decorated envelope for one of Stuart’s Russian-connection friends.

And here’s the best non-handmade card I’ve had this Christmas, from James and Asako, which isn’t even a Christmas card, really, but is just so fabulous:

And thanks to all you fab comics makers at the James Allen’s Preperatory School, you ladies rock.

Cool thing, I just heard from Amanda Rigler that you can now listen to most of the talks at the Women in Comics conference in Cambridge. Yay! The only hitch is that most of the talks came with extensive slideshows, but even without the visuals, you can still get a pretty good idea of what was being talked about, by Woodrow Phoenix & Corinne Pearlman, Asia Alfasi, Kate Evans, Dominique Goblet and others. (Here’s the direct link to my talk, Comics and Picture Books: women bridging the gap.)

One of the books I refer to is my studio mate Viviane Schwarz’s There are Cats in this Book, which you can look at online here!

I get very squeamish listening to my own voice: it sounds so choppy, I babble, I have a weird hybrid accent, and you can shoot me if I keep saying the word ‘really‘ three times in every sentence. (I think I was trying to be emphatic or something. Really, Sarah!)

I once took a class at U Penn with my friend Brynn to try to make our voices sound better. It turned out to be a class about how to get rid of your Philadelphia accent, which neither of us had, but then it was so interesting listening to these really strong Philly accents that we kept going to the class anyway. This one woman had the deepest, richest voice I’d ever heard, and she totally hated it. It was fun to see how she went from disliking her voice because it was so unusual to realising it was actually totally amazing. I never got to hear her sing, which was a great pity.

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