lovely cards

A bunch of us from the studio pooled together to win a home-cooked meal from our fabulous cafe owner, Jaine Laine. So last week she cooked the dinner, and it nearly coincided with a couple birthdays. Before everone arrived, my little neighbour friend made cards for them while I cleared out a space for people to sit in our tiny flat. Aren’t the cards great? My mother always used to try to get me to make cards for all her friends and I started getting really stroppy about it after awhile, so I’m vowing not to do the same thing to neighbour friend.

That’s the painter Charlie Pi, who popped into the studio this morning with his pitchfork and fleecy red trousers. (The speech bubble reads Don’t be lion about your age.)

Oh, and we just had a Gold Nugget gum-tasting session in the studio, finished off with sheep biscuits.

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