lots of delightedly disgusted essex kids

I hope it’s not overkill by posting two videos in a row of me reading from Morris the Mankiest Monster, but I just found out about this video from one of the first-ever events I did last year with my studio mate Gary Northfield. (Because I was too nervous to do it myself! I’ve had to get over being self-conscious super-quick.) I think I’ve learned a little bit since then about reading aloud, but these kids in Havering were the best thing ever for making me feel more confident, and also for realising just how amazing Giles’ text really is. Picture these kids absolutely ROLLING ABOUT with repulsion, ha ha…

The first part’s about pirates, by Sara Starbuck. (I’m at the 4:35 mark if you scroll along the bottom of the screen.)

YouTube link

That’s Gary guffawing in the background! Afterward, Ruth the librarian took us on the Gary Northfield Heritage Trail.

I’ll try to post some drawings soon! I have a ton of events coming up this summer and autumn and I’m sort of drowning in all the paperwork at the moment. Someone send me a life ring, please! Or an accountant, personal masseur, dietician, or life coach would do. I’m at least trying to avoid cake at the moment (vital research for my last picture book). Lately cake hasn’t been doing me any good. I’m going over to Viviane’s tomorrow to make pancakes for breakfast, but that will be the only exception to the cake rule. Yes.

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