little friend

Look what I found for 50p at Deptford Market yesterday! Isn’t he a lovely chap? He sat all afternoon on the edge of my laptop, gazing serenely at me. I have named him Marcus and I am hoping he will be my storybook good luck cat.

Because we all need a bit of good luck when it comes to getting the word out about our books. But I was pleased to see yesterday that The Bookseller gave a shout for my book coming out on September 1st with Gillian Rogerson, You Can’t Scare a Princess!. Fingers crossed for this one! It’s bursting with silly pirate-y goodness. (Or badness, I should say. They’re still pirates, for all they’re so silly).

(Hopefully you’ll be able to find You Can’t Eat a Princess! at your local indie bookshop (best option!), or you can pre-order the hardback or the paperback on Amazon, or Waterstones: hardback or paperback.)

Edit: Did you see this amazing trailer for the French edition of fellow DFC Library book, Mezolith by Adam Brockbank & Ben Haggarty? Wow!

(I found out about it over at the Super Comics Adventure Squad website.)

If you’re in Oxford on Monday, this 4:30 event with Philip Reeve, creator of Mortal Engines, Here Lies Arthur, Fever Crumb, Larklight, No Such Thing as Dragons will be fab. Check Philip’s blog for details.

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