les biker dudes

I was running errands and getting my coffee this morning in Greenwich and ran into a pack of 30 or so French bikers and had to stop and admire their bikes.

I’m not into motorcycles myself, mainly because my mother’s side of the family were really into biking and two of my uncles got in horrific accidents and one of them was never quite right afterward. (Although my grandma looked pretty cool biking to work with her dangly earrings whipping in the wind.) But as bikes go, man, these were real lookers! So I got to practice some of my terrible French and take photos, and one guy insisted I sit on his bike and he take a photo of me, so here you go.

I’ll post sketches later, but right now I’m running around like a crazy person trying to tie up loose ends before I go to America. (Hanging out with French biker dudes was a necessary part of the checklist, of course.) Sadly, I do not look very chic on a bike.

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