hooray, sue!

Launched with aplomb last night at the Illustration Cupboard, The Quiet Woman and the Noisy Dog!

Following yesterday’s interview with Sue Eves, I went along to the party where we drank bubbly, crunched on yummy cinnamon dog biscuits and caught up with SCBWI friends. Sue’s cousin brought a little dog in her purse, and the funniest part of the evening was when Sue pulled out her puppet dog, and we got to watch the puppet and the real dog face down each other. The little dog freaked at first and hid in the purse, but eventually came out to nab a dog biscuit from the puppet’s mouth.

Not sure if this is only interesting to me, but you know that thing, where you find out what a word means, or you learn some fact, and all of a sudden you start hearing it everywhere? I thought it was very amusing, just after I’d painted a French WWI aircraft called a Spad XIII for my Rainbow Orchid fan art, that the first thing I saw the minute I stepped out of the tube station in central London was – you guessed it – a Spad XIII. It was tucked into a display in the window of Fortnum & Mason, and perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t just been drawing it. (Cute little plane, isn’t it!)

And yet another fab comic from nedroidcomics about stubbornness.

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