greenwich tree sketch

I got up this morning feeling like death, so I knew I had to refuel with a another tree drawing.

I was surrounded by noise in the park; the direction of the wind meant London Airport’s departures made constant booming noises, and a magpie was having an absolute hissy fit about something. I felt a bit out of practice with the drawing, then I could see my lines getting more and more cramped as my fingers slowly froze. A big coffee and a Chelsea bun at Rhodes bakery sorted out that problem. Now I feel I can face today’s epic to-do list.

Over on Dartmoor, Philip Reeve continues with his own landscape drawings, and I can’t imagine the weather’s any warmer than Greenwich. I think I inadvertently insulted his new poodle. (The tiniest snicker, I assure you!) At some point, I may have to make a comic about a very tough, macho poodle, with a shady love life, foul mouth and poor personal grooming skills.

Neill Cameron just posted his write-up from Thought Bubble; I echo his congratulations (which is almost as bad as stealing his hat):
Let me begin by offering huge congratulations to Dave Shelton (pictured here) for winning the inaugural Leeds Graphic Novel Award, at a ceremony held on Friday as part of the comics festival. The award was voted on by the schoolchildren of Leeds, and they voted Dave’s Good Dog, Bad Dog to be their favourite graphic novel! (As well they might, it’s terrific.) Both of the other first-round DFC Library titles also made the shortlist – Kate Brown’s Spider Moon and Ben Haggarty & Adam Brockbank’s Mezolith. A fine showing for Team DFC – congratulations all round, chaps! (Read more on Neill’s blog here.)

Have you seen, little Chaffy is touring Japan! Have a peek over on the amazing Jamie Smart‘s Find Chaffy blog. (You’ll never guess who was the very first person to find Chaffy! I’m so proud! *sniff*) During our brief time together, Chaffy confided to me that his life ambition is to become almost as macho as a poodle.

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