friendliest monster coffee in Camden

Yesterday I went to see Vernon God Little at the Young Vic, a totally amazing performance. I almost died laughing, it’s every bit as funny as the book, in a totally different way. If you ever get the chance to see it, go! Best thing I’ve seen in ages!!!
My friend Paul and I went on a class picnic today at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, but the weather was so blustery that everyone except our tutor found reasons to bag out. Nevertheless, we had a great time in Kenwood’s tea shop, then went shopping in Camden Market, visited a classmate at the bar in Hoxton that she manages, and went for a curry on Brick Lane. The cafe in Camden, called Inhabitation and just across from the market, was the absolute best. The milkshakes are fab and Paul treated me to an astonishingly large cinnamon cappuccino, the size of my head. The cafe owner was as friendly as my cappuccino, not a bad place at all.

Yes, I look a bit mad in this photo. The cappuccino’s name is Steve.

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