drawing practice

I didn’t get further than my computer to do my morning sketch today. I could never use these drawings for anything because they are shamelessly ripped off fashion photos by The Sartorialist. But I’m working on a lot of stuff I can’t post, so here they are! I could also draw some poses from Posemaniacs.com, which offers a new anatomical figure pose every 30 seconds.

Congratulations to the House cafe and gallery on its first anniversary! A group of friends and I ran the House in Camberwell for six years strictly as a gallery and we had great fun and hosted hundreds of exhibitions with amazing installation work. But the lack of finances was always a big problem when we were trying to do basic things like pay for building repairs and licensing fees. Now there’s new management, a cafe in the main space with a gallery in the basement, and it’s doing a brisk trade. I’m rushing through this so I can jump on my bike and plunge into the fog to have a celebratory morning coffee there before knuckling down to work. It’s fabulous not being in charge of anything at all and just getting to drink good coffee and eat Fiona’s and Ali’s cake.

Someone was asking me about picture book pagination. Here’s something I banged up in Photoshop to help me remember the layout for a standard 32-page picture book:

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