doodly sunday

Today Stuart and I went out to Surrey to visit Dan and Alice, friends from book club who were having their baby daughter, Myla, dedicated at their church. We saw a lot of people on the train dressed up in Christmas-y outfits, and I made this drawing somewhere between Cheam and Clapham Junction.

On the way out, we passed Anerley station, which Alice and Dan used to pass every day on their commute. They liked the name so much they named their first daughter, Anneli, after it.

This morning, The (work-in-progress) Shard had two red lights positioned perfectly to look like red eyes, so I did this little doodle. Did you know that in Moscow, when the government pulled down the big cathedral, they wanted to erect a big statue of Lenin, with two red laser beams for eyes? Can you imagine how wonderfully creepy that would have been? I think they ran out of money and built an outdoor swimming pool instead, and the steam from it started wrecking all the canvases in the art museum across the street. (And now it’s a cathedral again.) I could be making this all up, I’m a little vague on my history.

The best thing about going to church is that you have a whole bunch of captive life models. Later, Alice’s dad apologised for being so fidgety.

Lunch was amazing, look at this choco-lollies! They had a sort of marzipan sponge inside, they were really rather marvelous.

The hall where we had lunch was right next to the spring where they used to collect the water to distill Epsom salts. Which is cool, because we always used to have a box of Epsom salts at home in Seattle and I never would have imagined I’d visit the source.

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