dolly & porter

Here’s a quick ink sketch I did this morning of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner. I’m going to draw them properly sometime, but here’s a start anyway. I know most people would draw her in her surgically super-enhanced state, but I really like her in the late ’60s and it was too early in the morning to think about facelifts and implants.

And breaking news, the second Fat Chunk anthology, edited by our DFC man Jamie Smart comes out, well, it was supposed to be next week, but apparently it’s leaking onto shelves already! I had less than a week to turn in my contribution, but I delivered it just under the wire, yessiree.

Jamie says: Fat Chunk Volume Two includes work by over 60 artists crammed into just under 140 pages, all in a tidy digest size. Well known comic artists, new webcomic creators, toy designers and everyone else in between, from every corner of the globe, each contributing their own twisted take on the world of Zombiedom! Published by SLG Publishing, available to buy from your local comic shop (Diamond code APR090632), book shop, or from amazon etc! And lots more details here on its own website.

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