Dinosaur Police

Me and my stegosaurus hat

I get to be a dinosaur!

Do you like my Stegosaurus hat? When I was little, I used to turn a chair upside-down and ride it, pretending it was a Tri-Sarah-Tops. My little sister argued that there must be a Tri-Mary-Tops, but I told her that was just making things up, the Triceratops had been REAL. My neighbour friend had a dinosaur story book with a record that went along with it, and when the sad music came on as the dinosaurs were going extinct, we would get a bit teary. I wish I’d known then that I’d get to bring the dinosaurs back to life when I grew up and became an author.

Dinosaur policefolk
Dinosaur Police Cover

Hungry T-Rex on the rampage!

Red Alert! How will Dinoville’s police squad catch Trevor the T-Rex, who’s at the pizza factory, gobbling up all the pizzas meant for the town fair? Inspector Sarah Tops and Seargeant Stig O’Saurus race after him in their car, sirens blazing, with Officer Brachio galloping alongside. Trevor turns out to be terribly troublesome, but when he goes charging through a building site - and WET CEMENT - the Dinosaur Police may just be able to bring him to justice…

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T-RexHungry T-Rex colouring sheet! Add topping to his pizzas!
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Sarah TopsLearn how to draw Inspector Sarah Tops!
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Draw Trevor the T-RexDraw Trevor the T-Rex on the Rampage!
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