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This has been a great week for seeing all of my favourite comics people: at the pub on Saturday, a cafe on Sunday – including DFC people Woodrow Phoenix (Horse of a Different Colour) and Simone Lia (Sausage and Carrots) – and at a coffee shop today. Here’s a picture from today with Garen Ewing and David O’Connell. The little notebook next to me is for writing down all these comics things I haven’t heard of, since these guys are a wealth of information that way. (Here’s an interview of Dave between the two of them if you haven’t read it yet.)

Garen’s working hard on his upcoming contribution to the DFC, and Dave’s just come out with chapter 2 of his ongoing Tozo comic. I’m hoping David will do another project with me soon; I had such fabulous fun with Airship. Yesterday we had a talk about perspective, and how fun it is to mess it up, but how difficult it can be not to fall back into using the rules. So this sketch was a quick shot at it.

David has flagged a couple upcoming London-based small press fairs here.

And don’t miss your chance to sign up for the sure-to-be-exciting SCBWI conference in Winchester, Turning Pages: the art and craft of story, 22-23 November. I’ve never heard my DFC editor Ben Sharpe give a talk before, so I’m looking forward to his panel on the Saturday.

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