comics sushi session

The other day I went for sushi in Soho with the marvellous Emma Vieceli and magnificent John Aggs. Our DFC characters, John’s Robot Girl, Emma’s Violet and my buddies Vern and Lettuce came along, too. (We didn’t invite the bunnies, they just showed up.) Robot Girl was a right pain in the backside.

Here’s Emma showing off her first cheque from Marvel Comics (with Spiderman on the envelope!) and a peek at John’s sketchbook:

Speaking of the DFC, did you know that the first book in the DFC Library series is coming out… NEXT WEEK?!!!!!!! It’s Good Dog, Bad Dog by the unimitable Dave Shelton (the only person I’ve seen with sketchbooks to rival John’s, they should totally have a sketchbook battle) and it’s going to be FABULOUS!!! And guess what, you can even preview pages here!

Go ahead and join the DFC Library on Twitter and pre-order your copy of Good Dog, Bad Dog here!

The rest of us DFC people are really, really hoping you’ll support the first six books in the series because Random House will be watching sales like a hawk to see if this whole comics series thing’s worth doing. And that’s a no-brainer, YES, it is!!! Spread the word, comics lovers, librarians, teachers, anyone who likes brilliant stories!

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