comics big-top of awesome: the lineup!

What’s happening in the COMICS BIG-TOP OF AWESOME ON Saturday, 30 June? Here’s the schedule! It made change a little bit, but you get the picture.

Noon – COMICS BIG-TOP OF AWESOME opens! Review sessions between you and the creators for your portfolio / sketchbook / newly-made-comic will run throughout the day. (Tip: Get there early if you want to avoid the queues!)
1:00 – COMICS CONSEQUENCES! Watch the pros create weird and wonderful characters together
1:30 – David O’Connell – live drawing tutorial
2:00 – Sarah McIntyre – live drawing tutorial
2:15 – Zoom Rockman – live drawing tutorial
2:30 – COMICS MONSTER DRAW-OFF! Who can draw the scariest monster? The best-dressed monster? A monster dentist? Monster wedding? Help the pros decide what they’re going to draw!
3:00 – Neill Cameron – live drawing tutorial
3:30 – Jamie Smart – live drawing tutorial
4:00 – Nana Li – live drawing tutorial
4:30 – Gary Northfield – live drawing tutorial
5:00 – COMICS BATTLE! Watch the pros pit their characters against each other for the Final Showdown.
5:30 – Jamie Littler – live drawing tutorial
6:00 – Closing time
(But come back tomorrow for other awesome Pop Up Festival events!)

So I hear you asking, who are all these comics creators we’re going to hang out with on Saturday, 30 June? And what comics and books have they made? Can I buy copies of their books and get them to sign and draw in them? Well, here’s our line-up, and yes! The Guardian bookshop will be selling these fine books throughout the day. You’ll notice a certain theme going here, many of them write and draw for The Phoenix Comic. The Phoenix Comic is probably the best thing happening in comics for kids (say, ages 8+) that’s happening in Britain right now, and needs your support to keep it going strong. Do think about subscribing (which you can do here)! (They’re not paying me to say this, I honestly think The Phoenix Comic is Awesome.)

Gary Northfield

Nana Li

Jamie Smart

Neill Cameron

Jamie Littler

David O’Connell (who’s been awesome in helping me organise this event)

Sarah McIntyre (that’s me!)

And we have a new guest in the lineup, Zoom Rockman!

I wanted to get Zoom on board because he sort of sums up the kinds of things we’re hoping kids can do: making comics, finishing comics, then learning how to make them attractive, market them and get them out into the wider world. Zoom’s 11, but he’s already figured out how to create a web-based comic, a printed comic, and sell it at festivals. Here he is with friends at his table at Comiket, where I first met him.

And do you remember some comics workshops I did at Winchester House School for last year’s World Book Day? Well, art teacher and artist Tobias Till reported that there was a frenzy of comics making after I left, and he’s going to bring some of the creators to sell their comics with us at the Comics Big-Top of Awesome. I look forward to seeing what they’ve made!

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