caught up in the undertow

Hurrah! Congratulation to fellow Fleece Officer Ellen Lindner on the launch of her graphic novel with Soaring Penguin Publications, Undertow! Great launch part lasts night at the Miller Pub, near London Bridge.

This novel’s been a long time coming, it’s partly what got me inspired to explore comics again while I saw Ellen working on it when we were doing our illustration degree together. It’s a great story set on Coney Island in the early 1960’s, be sure to get a copy and if you can, have Ellen sign and draw in it for you. Barnaby Richards, Maartje Schalkx and Cooey the Pigeon look on approvingly (second pic nicked from Lauren O’Farrell).

Now I’m rushing around doing last-minute little jobbies before going tomorrow to the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show with Emma Vieceli (see my last post about that). I’ve been looking like an old sheepdog last night, but got that sorted out at the local barber (who usually only cuts men’s hair, but Dennis did it for £12.50; beat that, Chelsea ladies!) Oh, and I never got around to buying new gloves, oops. Make do and mend, as the old war posters say.

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