calling all dubliners!

Hey, look at the poster that just popped up on the Inis magazine blog!

If you’re anywhere near Dublin this Thursday, come join me and two top-notch illustrators Oliver Jeffers and PJ Lynch at the big Easons on O’Connell Street for a cosy evening event! I’m looking forward to finding out more about PJ Lynch and I’m already a huge fan of Oliver’s work. I remember the first time I saw an original piece he’d done for The Incredible Book Eating Boy, I was totally blown away because none of it was digital (as I’d assumed), he’d really found all this beautiful old paper and things and cut and pasted and painted it together.

I’ve really enjoyed my trips to Ireland the past couple years (see past blog posts here). My studio mate, Gary Northfield and I did an amazing whistle-stop tour last year. You might have already seen this, but I’ll post the video of our slot on RTE2 Irish kids telly, that was such good fun.

(Click here for Part 2)

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