broken wings and things

I don’t have a sketch to post this morning, I’ve been kind of distracted by this. I feel terrible for the families and a lot of people were very scared, made much worse by the media fuss. But the neighbours are starting to pull together and talk and it’s been good getting to know a few of them better, even if it’s not ideal circumstances.

I just posted a Write Away review of How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham, which seems sort of fitting. I think a lot of people interested in graphic novels might miss this book because it will most likely be placed on chlidren’s picture book racks. But it is also very much in the bande-dessinée tradition, something I think is starting to take the British children’s book industry by stealth.

Photographer Sara Leigh Lewis just posted some lovely professional photos from the Sarah Party here.
And Candy Gourlay posted a funny picture from a SCBWI meeting we went to here.

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