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Lots to do today, still trying to get my head in gear even though I got into the studio three hours ago.

Last night was high comedy at my place: I invited Gary back for dinner because he’s had loads of stuff on and I thought he could do with a hot meal and a relaxing evening. But our neighbour friend was SOOO excited to see Gary and instantly hit him with her full artillery of jokes, getting rather incensed that Gary knew the punchlines to more than half of them (coming up with jokes is half his job, after all…) Then Stuart insists on doing the washing-up, while neighbour kid flails in noisy, hyperactive frenzy; a friend rings wanting a long chat; the neigbour kid’s uncle appears at the door, wanting to talk with Stuart about bicycles and Jesus. So I’m trying to fob off the phone person, Stuart’s at the door in his washing up gloves, and the tap of the sink is still running over the dishes. Stuart packs off neighbour kid to her uncle, goes back in the kitchen and let out an almighty yelp when he sees the sink has overflowed dramatically onto the floor. He does not see the funny side of this at all, and Gary hovers around wondering if he should make his exit, help out, or wait until it’s over before saying goodbyes. Several wet tea towels later, crisis averted, Gary heads off, and I make a very grumpy Stuart a cup of tea and he gradually recovers. We eat some chocolate.

Right, I’ve bookmarked a few links I want to go back to soon:

From Matt Badham: Interview with Toon Books publishers husband-and-wife team Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman

From Faz Choudhury: BBC footage of a spatule hummingbird mating display – cool!

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