bird brain

This morning I was planning to draw one of the trees in our local park. But I got chatting with a neighbour on the walk toward the studio and he walked me almost all the way there, and I only remembered I was going to stop at the park when I reached the front door of the studio, and then felt too silly to double all the way back (and I was cold). So I drew this in the studio, messing around a bit with my Wacom tablet. Not quite the same as drawing outdoors.

This picture pretty much sums up where I am right now; if you’ve e-mailed me the past couple weeks, and I haven’t replied, please don’t be offended! I’m drowning in unanswered e-mails, so if something’s urgent, please just write to me again and give me a prod.

I met up with David Fickling and Dave O’Connell on the South Bank to talk about the picture book I’m doing after the one I’m working on now, and spotted these lovely little bird houses in the window of the Royal Festival Hall. I vaguely remember someone asking me to design one, and not having time to do it, but really wanting to. A bunch of kids from that exceptional charity Kids Company have created miniature rooms, it’s beautiful.

I’d love to make Vern and Lettuce’s tower block out of stacked shoe boxes this way; I really need to make time to do that some day.

Great news for FPI reveiwer Richard Bruton, he’s managed to assemble an excellent collection of comics for his school library; have a look here if you’re stocking a library and want some recommendations.

And I always said I’d never be one of these people who post silly cat videos, but this one did make me laugh. I’ve never seen cats boxing for such a concentrated way for so long. They have a much longer attention span that I do.

Patty-cake cats on YouTube (Thanks to follicaly well-endowed writer Philip Ardagh for the link.)

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