bank holiday monday

So we made barbecue! We had one of those titchy foil things you get at the supermarket and it was pretty smoky. But Ed’s a sculptor and very good at making things, so he came up real quick with this little smoke stack contraption. Which kind of worked, ’til it caught alight.

We had the best bbq fixing ever, Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce. (No this isn’t a product placement, it’s just really, really good. Too good, urp. Apparently it started with a guy’s stall at the Notting Hill Carnival.) We managed to miss the rain showers and sat out on the patio with their oil lamp and had a really nice long chat, the kind you have when your belly is full of reggae reggae sauce. Hello, summer!

Ed and C are two of my best friends; Ed ran the House gallery in Camberwell with me for six years so we have seen a lot of things together and he’ll still talk to me. Dan built his website and mine, and he’s another one who’ll still talk to me after all those gallery shennanigans, involving bath tubs full of baked beans, a bomb threat, unpermitted but dramatic nude tableaux vivants, unnatural electrical rewiring, five thousand potatoes, a Routemaster bus, strange things happening in the loo, and opening lots and lots of bottles, among other things. We all still have a slight stagger when we walk. (Some other friends took it over when we finished and turned it into a splendid cafe with the gallery moved downstairs.)

Stuart had the bank holiday off work, but I didn’t, so he came along with me on my morning coffee run, this time to Rhodes Bakery. We noticed they’d framed my drawing and hung it on the wall. (That was the ‘perfect job’ I blogged about earlier.) It was a little weird but great having him along with me on something I usually do by myself. And I’m still getting used to his new specs but they are really growing on me. Stuart could probably put a wet squid on his face and it would grow on me, he is rather lovely.

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