ballad of peckham rye

Today my book club decided to read ‘The Ballad of Peckham Rye’ by Muriel Spark, seeing as it is such a local book. I’ve been borrowing ellenlindner‘s copy for slightly too long, but I’ve just been sitting here admiring the cover by Terence Greer. I couldn’t find much on the internet about him, other than a few other Penguin covers, but I’d love to see more of his work.

The first edition had a beautiful cover by Victor Reinganum and I managed to find a few more of his covers online.

Terence Greer seems to draw very slowly, so I thought I’d try slowing my own line way down to see what happened. My picture turned out kind of nice, even if it does look a bit like a Greer knock-off. Perhaps this is an updated version of a Peckham Rye ballad, since they didn’t have mobiles in the ’60s.

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