angel fink

No, I haven’t made a sketch this morning. But I did do a writing exercise, on my new ‘teach myself writing’ course I’m putting myself through. I am going to be a writer, oh yes I am. I went to a talk by writer and illustrator Sally Gardner last night, which was very entertaining. The illustration course distracted me somewhat from writing, since no one else on it was really interested in the writing side of things. But for the past month or so I’ve been reading some writing books and primly sitting at my desk and putting myself through some of the exercises and achieving very little. …But just you wait!

Isn’t this the face of rampant ambition?

I think maybe I was two. I still like the Graham Crackers I’m holding in this photo, but you can’t get ’em here in England. But Belgian Speculoos biscuits taste a little bit like the cinnamon version, possibly even a little bit better. My friend Mags is coming over from Brussels today, and I’m hoping she’s packed some. I will be polite and not ask straight away. See, look at me, I start talking about writing and end up thinking about graham crackers. Typical.

Here’s a picture I did when I was little, I’m not sure how old, exactly. But it still makes me laugh. Naughty angels. I’m pretty sure I got the word ‘fink’ from reading ‘The Wizard of Id’ in the Seattle Times comics section.

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