all a-google in manhattan

Since I’ve arrived in America, I’ve taken a complete career overhaul; here’s me on my first day of my new office job in New York City:

Ha ha! Just kidding. But when I found out the husband of my college friend worked at Google, I was intensely curious to see what it was like in there, and he obliged me with a marvelous tour. I had to promise not to take any photos inside, except at reception and off the canteen balcony, or blog too many details about the place. But let me tell you, that place is NUTS. And I mean, in a fun way: everyone’s zipping about on little scooters, eating amazing free food, decorating their work stations and playing so many games that you wonder how they ever get any work done. I don’t know if I’d want to work there, but I’d certainly like to move in. At least until I got RSI from playing too much table tennis, and bloated from eating too many goodies made by their resident pastry chef. Wow. Here’s the view of Manhattan from the balcony:

Posing in front of all that, my super-fabulous college buddy Brynn Perrine and her also-very-fab husband, Chris.

I love the way that all these water towers break up the skyline; they’re so beautiful. And check out the gigantic metal flowers:

I have loads of news from MoCCA and Stumptown comics fairs. But just to say quickly that it’s all been fabulous, and I’m flying back to London tomorrow, so I’ll post more about my trip when I return!

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