80 pages of comics loveliness!!! …on sale now!

I’m in a super new anthology!

From my story, Thames Reach

I got an e-mail last night from Will Kirkby, co-editor with Naniiebim to say that our books arrived from the printer and look fabulous. Yay!!! Do you like the covers, aren’t they brilliant? The anthology has two covers because the book has stories that read from left to right and some that read from right to left, so you can open the book either way. The amazing Warwick Johnson Cadwell has even made a palindromic comic in the centre (meaning you can read it both ways). You can buy it here on Etsy and I’ll bring some along to Inverness for Hi-Ex comics festival on 27 & 28 March.

A5 size, 80 pages, colour covers, black and white pages

You can’t believe how chuffed I was to be in a book with WJC, I had a bit of a fan-girl meltdown when I last saw him at BICS, totally abandoning my book stall to take one of the most talented illustrators in Britain for a drink.

From The Defenders of Albion by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

This book is choc-a-bloc with talent, and I love how this story is set in my own neighbourhood. I took Will and Naniiebim on a tour awhile back, and Will took loads of research photos. He showed the Persepolis shopkeeper some of his drawings of her shop, and we left on a wave of her enthusiasm, with lots of ‘I heart Peckham’ badges and free Iranian food.

From Peckham by Will Kirkby

Artist links: Warwick Johnson Cadwell, David O’Connell, Naniiebim, Will Kirkby, Nikki Stuart and me

Article about Hi-Ex in yesterday’s Highland News

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