yeti poo biscuits

Last night my studio mates and I trundled over to Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace and… Oh hello, what are THESE???!

Best photo of the evening, by Ms Deadly Knitshade: yeti caught in mid-attack.

But the yeti was not just there to wreak havoc; he had mission, a MOON MISSION.

Bravo, yeti!

And look, it is ALEX MILWAY! Aw, bless, I never would’ve guessed. With the fourth book in his Mythical 9th Division yeti series, The Alien Moon, with Walker Books.

It’s funny, when people have a first encounter with a yeti, they all respond a bit differently.

(That would be me, Woodrow Phoenix, David O’Connell and Gary Northfield…)

When the Bookseller Crow team meet a yeti, they get out the records and throw a party. That’s the co-owner, Jonathan Main, on the right, and you can follow his day-to-day bookshop commentary here on Twitter, @booksellercrow.

Deadly and Gary taking part in the Draw-a-Yeti competition:

Ooh, look, a knitted yeti! Nice going, Lauren O’Farrell! (If you like making little knitted critters, you must check out her Stitch London book.)

Except, be warned, if you knit too much it will make your hands look like this.

Alex Milway and his lovely yeti-tamer and online gadget expert Katie Lee. Thanks for a great party, Alex and Bookseller Crow!

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