An exciting parcel arrived in the post today from Matt Reidsma at reidsrow. It even had a little sketch of me at my computer, how cool is that! Here’s my winning High Maintenance Machine tribute entry, next to a fetching Elmer centrefold:

I totally agree with Daniel Barlow’s quotation on the back cover:
These comics slice a moment from a day and then break it down to its most basic and beautiful beats, like steady thumps of a heart. On good days, High Maintenance Machine delights. On bad days, it reminds me that I am not alone.

Illustrator Ilya Kazakov is still posting self portraits, LOTS of self portraits at selfportraits.ru. Go discover a Russian illustrator you’ve never seen before!

Whoa, not cool. Lightning just flashed outside and suddenly techno music started coming out of my computer! Agh, I think it’s time to shut down.

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