weekend pics

Lots of scattered bits to post today. Here are some doodle portraits I made in my notes at a planning meeting on Saturday for the upcoming SCBWI conference:

After the meeting I made a quick visit to the Handmade & Bound book-art and zine fair near Euston station. I recognised a few people from Caption, and bought a couple comics off Marc Ellerby and also bought a remarkable screen-printed album from Mark Pawson‘s table by Canadian artist Owen Plummer. I don’t know anything about Plummer yet, but the book I bought, Flip-Flop Prophets, is published with Le Dernier Cri and has lots of intriguing drawings that have traces of Aztec influence, maybe some early Chagall, and some pop stuff. I guess it’s what people would call Outsider Art. Does anyone know anything more about him?

And here are the fireworks on Blackheath (a Saturday celebration of Wednesday’s Guy Fawkes’ Day), which started out marvellously, but then the cold and damp caught up with us and we had a cold and soggy trudge home and put on the cocoa as soon as we got in the door. The funniest thing was watching the buses drive across the heath as though nothing were happening, and during a particularly spectacular set of fireworks, a big Asda lorry grandly pulled through and it looked like a giant advert for a not particularly spectacular supermarket, all to the strains of Abba’s Money, Money, Money. Classy.

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