website in progress

I’m driving my lovely website designer nuts by commissioning him to give my website a total overhaul, but then not having time to supply all the bits and pieces. So here’s part of a picture for it I’ve been painting this morning.

Not sure this is exactly what we’ll go with, but I’m buried up to my neck in work this week, so hopefully it’s a good start.

Hey, I saw over on tozocomic‘s page that Eleanor Davis (squinkyelo)just came out with a new graphic novel, The Secret Science Alliance, so I have already put in my order. She makes some of the best comics I’ve seen, here’s her website.

Not long til BICS! I hope everyone’s coming along to the British International Comics Show this weekend, it’s gonna be great. And then the following weekend, there’s the comics panel I’m doing with Garen Ewing and John Dunning at the Cheltenham Literary Festival, chaired by Kieren Phelps.

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