vern + lettuce go off their trolley

I was a bit rough this morning after a huge Thanksgiving dinner up in Camden last night with a pack of Americans. So it was nice to wake up to news of a lovely review of the DFC by 9-year-old Molly Bruton on the Forbidden Planet blog here. She lists Vern and Lettuce as one of her three ‘favourite favourites’:

Why do you like Vern & Lettuce so much?
The characters are great. Fat sheep playing a Tuba and a bunny with lots of little bunnies following her around. Very funny. I love the colours of the artwork. And I love little things like the swirly dotty fleece on Vern and the patterns on Lettuce’s dress.

Tom Spurgeon on the Comics Reporter also gives them a little plug here.

And a nice description from fellow DFC man James Turner (eruditebaboon): Vern and Lettuce is absolutely the cutest strip in the comic and I love the colours – reading always makes me feel like I’m tucked up under a duvet, drinking hot chocolate.

Hooray! It’s very tempting to go back under the duvet with hot chocolate, but will resist…

I just found out that Amazon UK are offering a four-comic DFC subscription gift pack for £12. Think: Christmas prezzies! 😀

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